Glacier Bay, Alaska

My favorite stop in Alaska was absolutely Glacier Bay.  The scenery is spectacular, the wildlife is around but not common so you feel a sense of accomplishment when you find some, and the experience is desktop background worthy.  Glacier Bay is mostly inaccesible except through special planes/boat tours and cruises.  They treat the park with a ton of respect as rangers board the boat when you enter and monitor/answer questions for everyone.  According to the rangers on the boat, there are literally thousands of glaciers in the park and most don’t have names.  I’m going to use this as the reason to not look up the glacier names in the photos I took…

The back of the cruise ship where I’ll discuss more in another post




If you timed it right you could see a chunk fall off the glacier and cause some waves that hit the smaller boats pretty hard.  I witnessed it once and have a video I will post soon.

These guys took a boat out to collect glacier samples to show to the cruise guests…I added some to my cocktail…

After a big ice chuck fell off into the water it caused a big wave and all these birds started to flock around, it was pretty sweet.

Glacier Bay, as I learned, is a pretty big bucket list spot for people as it is so hard to reach.  I can understand this as is is a very awe inspiring sight especially when you first enter the cover where you are surrounded by huge mountains and glaciers all around.

Trust me when I say these pictures don’t do it justice
Glacier peeking around a corner

I plan to upload more videos of this place and keep checking the Instagram for videos of it.  If you liked this article check out my other one from Juneau.

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