Juneau Has So Many Eagles it was the Most Patriotic 4th Ever

So I’ve spent the last week in Alaska and the internet there was really iffy and the little i had had to be used sparingly(porn).  One of the coolest things worth noting though is Juneau, Alaska has a ton of bald eagles just casually hanging around and I loved it.  I loved it even more than the casual humpback whales that were just off it’s coast which is pretty weird.  Likely because the eagles were visible and the whales, at best, you see a spout and a tail.  That is cool I will grant but once you walk past a tree with 6 bald eagles in it that are about 10 feet from you it isn’t quite as awesome.  Anyway, here’s a small batch of the photos I snapped.  I should note the fact I was here on the 4th of July made it ridiculously appropriate.

Let that stare sink in
perched on a buoy
Did I mention it was a buoy WITH SEALS?!

I still think seals are kind of dicks so don’t read too much into that…

Also young eagles don’t have the white head until after maturity, so there’s a fun fact
Eagle perched with Eagle Glacier in the background, c’mon that’s cool
Hope you liked this patriotic post, happy 4th to all, and remember…the eagles are always watching…


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