I seem to be preparing less and less for every trip…

This could bite me in the ass sometime and it kinda did at San Diego Comicon when we missed a couple booths we liked because we didn’t bother checking before.

Now I have Aruba in under a week and I haven’t done much/any planning.  If that place needs a visa I’ll be in trouble.

Ok immediately after I typed that I went to check…all good.

Anyway I know I’ll regret it someday likely soon with the trip to India in September and the amount of planning that should take.  This just feels like a lesson I get to learn the hard way while in a tiny airport in Cambodia or something.  I assume it happens to a lot of avid travelers also.  I travel with my family and see all the effort they put in sometimes and laugh but it is unlikely they will be caught off guard. Yet on the flip side they seem really stressed in prepping for vacation which seems to defeat the purpose.  I love low stress packing and sometimes even I’m surprised with what I end up with at destinations.  For example the outfit below from my India trip…


Well that’s about it…Aruba on Saturday and I plan to get some solid flamingo and snorkel pics from it…assuming I remember my passport

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