Rickshaw Run Himalayas Day 1…Travel to India

Depending on your definition of starting I could have started my India trip since I am enroute.  However since I am currently drunk in Texas it probably it doesn’t qualify. I did get what is called budget first class on the way though where the seats next to you are empty…


This stupid wing was trying to greet me the whole flight though.  Fuck off, wing.


Now, after this spot internet get a bit squiffy I’ll be updating every chance I get.


I have prepared a head apparatus do not be disturbed, assuming I can get in the proper headspace…

I fly to Paris with a brief layover then meet the team in Delhi.  Speaking of layovers be really careful with Spirit airlines and transfers especially if the transfer is a different airline.  This low budget fares should really be padded with extra time but I booked these flights without much thought to that. Hindsight an all that…

Well…will update soon…

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