Just Spent a Layover in Madrid, it’s dope.

So I had ten hours in Madrid between the Dominican and now Morocco.  I have never been there before and felt it should make the most of it by seeing Madrid’s most famous sites.  Like the Ham Museum.


No joke it’s a thing but mostly looks like a giant deli. So meh.  Depends on your overall enthusiasm for the lunch meat.  Speaking of meat I also ate at Botin Restaurant which according to the Guinness Book of World Records is the oldest still running restaurant.


They do seem to have it down to a science and the steak was delicious.


Sauteed mushrooms are a personal weakness of mine.

After that I basically just walked around the city until it came time for me to head back.  It is a very colorful city and enjoyable for just strolling around.  I think I’ll have to plan a full trip there. I’ll post more pics on the insInstag later cause the internet is slow and the images already in this post took forever to upload and it’s past 1am I need beauty rest.

Also this Spiderman is awesome and apparently a celebrity in Madrid.


So that’s what I did today.  Tomorrow I’m going to start doing daily updates while I attempt to drive a monkey bike across Morocco…

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