Morocco Monkey Run – Local Homestay

After a day that hits a ton of the highs of the standard Monkey Run a local had offered his home to us to sleep in for the evening.

The locals in Morocco were definitely one of the nicest I have encountered on any of my trips.  They seem to get genuinely offended when you try and pay them for their hospitality.  We ended up convincing them to let us pay for food but that was the absolute maximum they would accept.

Over the course of the evening we met his family and his neighbors came by to see us as well and we listened to their stories through our broken French and their decent English.  They also let one of our teammates wash some clothes after the muddy bike incident from earlier in the day.  This was also the first Tajine dish that we were fed.  This is important as, at the time, we absolutely loved it but by our 6th or 7th Tajine of the trip it had grown stale.  There seems to be only one dish served to groups of foreigners.

Kudos on the presentation though

They also dressed two other teammates, Katie and Jen, up in wedding dresses and I’m pretty sure they are now married to each other.  Which works out with their life plans pretty well anyway.


All said and done we hung out with this family for a solid 3-4 hours.  Katie drew their pictures, I’m a reference for one of their USA Visas, and Shine was their favorite because he was Indian.  I’m not sure how that last one worked out but, ya know, all good.  We each had a warm shower(or rather a warm water bucket) so I can’t complain.

get it gurrrlll

After all is said and done we were all exhausted and crashed pretty hardcore.  Except for a rooster that was right outside our room that I really considered killing.  We were ready for the rest of the trip, wondering how it could top the events of today.  Morocco definitely did not let us down.

rest now, mud prince.


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