Morocco Monkey Run – Gorge Day

Following some intense offroading and then a lovely homestay we were actually fairly far behind where we wanted to be on this trip.  The next day we stuck to some (mostly)good roads to make up time and make some scenic stops.

Our goals were to hit a nearby fortress called El Khorbat Oujdid, Todra River and Gorge then Dades Gorge and spend the night somewhere in that area.  Things ended up going awry.

We made it to El Khorbat just fine and checked out their museum.  Was solidly informative on the history of the region and didn’t take long so no time was lost.  It was going smoothly so far.

Then I almost died.

I was just trying to showoff my offroad skills and well, that’s all I have to say about that.

We also found a dead camel.  That was strange.

There’s a lot to unpack on this photo

We stopped off in the town just before Todra River for a quick bite and sunscreen application then we hit it hard.


Decent view…

We also stopped for a couple team photos in the gorge as well.  Incoming full moon.


The day was going just fine, we got back on the road and made quick time to Dades Gorge.  That was a great road to drive.  We were feeling so confident we found a little tiny back road that we could take that went from the gorge back to the main road right where we wanted to go and it would have a ton of awesome off-roading.

This will be fine…

Well….actually as I think now about how badly this road went I have decided it will need its own entry which I will finish writing tomorrow.  Needless to say basically everything went hilariously wrong.

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