Shoutout to Minirig Speakers because they gave me a present!

Yesterday I received a complimentary portable speaker from Minirigs.  Well I guess it wasn’t complimentary I did win a photo contest from The Adventurists.  I had to submit a favorite photo from the Mongol Rally I did in 2015 and ended up winning!  Here’s the photo I won with.


I have no doubt there were many good photos but I definitely think this captures the spirit of the race very perfectly.  If I could somehow have gotten a corrupt cop in the picture it would have been perfect.  Anyway I’m pretty stoked cause I don’t win many competitions…besides underground Irish boxing obviously.  The speaker has been placed among my most precious belongings.


And now here’s a few more choice photos from the Mongol Rally as this put me in a reminiscent mood.





The Mongol Rally 2019 is also open now if anybody feels like testing themselves…

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