Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum and My Greatest Awkward Comedic Moment…

This last weekend I was in Vegas for a birthday trip and on the to do list was basically all the weird stuff nobody else would do with me unless it was my birthday and they had no choice…

First among that list was Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum located a short walk from Fremont Street.  Now I am not a fan of the show or even a believer in really anything supernatural but I have seen a fair amount of awkward Zak Bagan videos and I respect the effort that goes into crafting some of these stories.

When we first arrived, much to our surprise, we found out this place is actually quite popular. There would be an hour wait to get in.  This was unfortunate as most of us were not in a great state from the night before but it was next to a Walgreens so we were able to get back on the dog hair or however that expression goes.

The line itself wasn’t bad either, there was a couple employees walking up and down that were both open to answering and questions no matter how ridiculous.  And mine got pretty ridiculous…


One of said employees… obviously he liked me…

Once you get inside the cost is $41 per person so not incredibly cheap but it is an hour and a half guided tour so nothing to bat an eyelash at.


After you pay they take a tour group photo and ask if anyone is a professional ghost hunter (which I said yes to).  They they take you to the first tour room…


Inside this room we were told not to touch anything as it is full of lots of dolls and a good bit of creepy ambiance.  Also in this room is one of those stands that has a fortune teller in it.  It also had a bright green light that said insert dollar here…so I did.

At this point a very loud Zak Bagan voice began a 90 second narration that drowned out whatever the tour guide was saying. She was not happen.  She then said the tour would resume after this was over and also asked what part of don’t touch anything do I not understand.  I am a sucker for glowing lights though and really they could have put a piece of tape over it or something…

So it was a super awkward 90 seconds where I tried to make smalltalk to a not very happy tour guide.  I cannot express in words how hilarious it was.  When asked if anyone else had done this she said no and implied I’m an idiot.  Which I am.

Now after this point there were no photos allowed which I did respect after the last incident so I’ll go over some of my favorite points.

They warned you constantly about side effects that have happened from people entering a room with some relics so naturally I wanted to get as close to it as possible and hug it if possible.  I did not suffer any averse consequences especially from the Dybbuk Box which was said to be one of the more haunted pieces.  But the ambience and theatrics were top notch.

They skip over a lot of creepy items and rooms and when asked a lot of times they are just there for atmosphere, which is fine.  I wish there was more time for me to ask questions or even get into some of the claims made.  For instance one tour guide said a ghost carved a word into her thigh then just moved on from that.  I had so many follow up questions to that…

Some of it is just Zak Bagan showing off his dope collection. For instance there is Liberace’s piano, which isn’t haunted but still cool.

There are some haunted butt plugs hidden among a large wall of items.  Do not let them skip over those…

It walks the line between haunted house and haunted museum with a couple jump scares and interactive exhibits.  I feel it could have something really special if it leaned a little more into the haunted house option.

There’s a lot of joke potential…but read the room, especially when in the Michael Jackson part…trust me…

There’s so much to take in it is amazing and a tour could have lasted double the time if they wanted.  They should add a haunted bar break halfway through.

Overall I think that covers it pretty well. I definitely recommend this place with enthusiasm.  3 of the 5 people we went with left possessed and let to an incredible trip. Demons can party.


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