Creole Queen Paddlewheel Cruise in New Orleans

The Creole Queen is an old school paddle boat that runs up and down the Mississippi River in New Orleans.  It does tours, night cruises, and dinner/jazz parties.  When I first looked into it I really assumed it was a very lame tourist trap…and it kind of was but the thing with a lot of tourist traps is they are well reviewed and you know exactly what you’re getting.

Now in this case, as I’m apparently a glutton for punishment we decided to take the morning tour to Chalmette Battlefield.  It all seemed like a standard tour where I could get some fresh air, take some decent photos, the usual until….


That was game set and match for both myself and my dad.  We were both feeling it by the time we got to the battlefield and could barely stand by the end of the 3 hour tour.  Frankly, it was amazing.  I got to bond and drink with my dad while we both tried not to make complete asses of ourselves.  I definitely recommend this tour and suggest the same process for everyone.  Now for the photos I took.

Somewhere between bloody mary 3 and mimosa 9

Here’s to father/son bonding and the benefits of drinks on it!


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