Miss Conception’s Drag Show in Provincetown is Amazing and a Good Insight into Fast Wardrobe Changes

So recently we were in Provincetown on Cape Cod. As we found out later that is essentially gay Mecca and that also explains the posters for “bear weekend” which took me all of 20 seconds to figure out.  It doesn’t involve the animal or team, at least initially…

Anyway…they know how to party

Left Shark party

At some point along what is more or less the main st we walked by a drag show by the performer Miss Conception based around TV shows I grew up with.  It was a pretty easy sell and only 30 bucks.

Screenshot (21).png
That fan is now hanging in my living room.  Also bae caught me slippin’

The show is hilarious and how quickly she manages to change costumes is pretty impressive.  Additionally, there is a fair amount of audience participation.  I was called up as the only straight male in attendance and dressed up like Judge Judy.  I then had to answer trivia questions against another volunteer and to buzz in I had to squeeze Miss Conceptions boob.  As you can see in the video I don’t mess around when it comes to TV based trivia…

I won’t spoil anything on the show (plus I’m lazy) but I will say I think the musical numbers were my favorite.

The Sonny and Cher interpretation spoke to me, as did the tree collision jokes.

After the show Miss Conception was also around visiting with everyone and even accepted my offer of a round of shots.


So as per usual with my nights starting that way the rest ended up blurry.

Was a lot to take in during that show…



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