Super Jetlagged in Barcelona Right Now.

I’m writing this as an exercise to stay awake until an appropriate dinnertime.  Which in Barcelona is apparently like 10pm.  That’s ridiculous.

Second thing worth noting on this 17 hour layover. Schweppes and walking are actually the best thing I’ve had to hold off jetlag, remember that.  It may go well on my tombstone.

Next piece worth noting.  Our hotel, Amfores Boutique Guest House is very nice and the location is great, there’s just one problem.


The bathrooms and shower have only a glass door.  So I hope whoever you are sharing the room with is ok with poo noises…or with you watching them shower.

There’s rated R photos but I’ll require sponsorship for those.


Also if anyone knows the difference between body milk and body soap I need to know…is…is one of them edible?…brb…

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