Polish Weddings Last AT LEAST 10 HOURS

It has taken me this long to completely recover from visiting Poland where I was fortunate enough to see two friends get married in a traditional wedding where there are THREE DINNERS AND THE BUS DOESN’T GO BACK TO THE HOTEL UNTIL 4:30 IN THE MORNING!


It was amazing, whenever the vodka bottle at the table was half empty, another magically appeared.

Random drunk photo.

A couple of things worth noting that I did enjoy before I go on this random diatribe of events.  I liked that they signed the certificate immediately after the ceremony in front of everyone.  I also like how right after the ceremony they gathered everyone into a group photo and did a shot.

I looked it up, it is actually a Polish tradition which I will be taking.  They each do a shot, one is water, one is vodka, then they throw the glasses behind them.  If they break it’s good luck.  They did break.

They didn’t even bother with beer, which I respect, it was either wine or hard liquor.  None of these half measures.

Also the venue was dope.

A few more venue photos…

You drink, cheers, eat a meal, go dance, then repeat until dawn, which is when I went to bed.

My hotel view from when I returned.

I have so few words to express how much fun this wedding was, I only hope my gift of a beer wrapped in Polish Sluttys(that’s basically what the money is actually called) is adequate.IMG_20190809_194842484.jpg

At some point in the drinking they decided to give us fireworks! I MEAN WHAT?!



I rocked musical chairs(I did not) and I feel more wedding should play that game at 2 in the morning.



Another random drunk photo.

I didn’t know how to convey the fun I had, I guess it just came out as a stream of consciousness rant for one of the best weddings I have been to.  You have set the bar for my own wedding ridiculously high and thank you and congrats to Jose and Magda, you pretty people.


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