A Few Giblets on Warsaw

First, I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the last month, I don’t have a good excuse other than I just haven’t done much traveling and combined with the fact I don’t have any travel plans coming up I’m forced to spread things out a bit more.  That said this may be a low effort post nonetheless as I decide what to do as I am currently in a travel lull.  That said I am looking at a couple roadtrips in the USA coming up and those could cull my worries.

Normally for each destination I like to break things up by activity but in this case I feel the trip had a number of smaller activities that, while not lush enough to earn their own post, are definitely worth a recommendation when visiting Warsaw.  For this I’m going to go through, in no particular order because ranked lists give me anxiety, all the notable Polish based activities we did.

The Cultural Center

Nicknamed “Stalin’s Penis” and the defining building of the city, the view is solid and you can book a self drive tour in a tiny Skoda right out front.  Also I’m not kidding about that nickname, that’s actually what it is called.


Bread Bowls

Mother-effin’ carbs in a eatable delivery system, what more is there?

Heh, it even has an edible lid.  We ate these at Manekin restaurant and they were so good we went back twice.

41st floor drinks

There’s a bar called Panorama that lets you drink with a stupendous view of the city.  I suggest going around dusk for the before/after sunset effect.

Pod Hotel

After our lovely AirBnB ran out and we had a stop gap of one night we found a pod hotel called Kapsula.  It was clean, quiet, and you had to carry a garage door opener around for your pod which I loved.

Frame Store

This is going to seem like a strange suggestion.  So as mentioned before, I was in Poland for a wedding and as a gift we wanted to give the couple a framed picture of our times together.  As everyone was international and I was the first one to arrive of the guest group I was tasked with finding a frame.  After several attempts at IKEA and some random department stores I ended up at Zig Zag Frames.


It was a lovely small business run by a very nice man who helped me immensely with a rush job for the frame and accommodated me perfectly and at a price less than I was prepared for.

Magda & Jose - 358.jpg

So, if you feel the need to frame a photo in/from Poland, why not buy local and make the entire piece authentic?


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