Mini Plug for Korean Fried Chicken

First, I’m not getting paid, I never have been paid for this.  Probably because most of my compliments are mixed with backhanded insults.  It’s how I was raised.

Anyways…hands down my favorite meal in Providence was not the chowder, it was not the (albeit delicious) burritos, it was not the ramen.  Rather it was the Den Den Korean Fried Chicken we went into as a gimmick to be like “Yea, we ate at KFC…” because we are nerds with some awful humor.

Awww yea look at dem wings

But anyway, that’s basically all I had to say right now because I was just thinking about it and am quite hungry.  It’s also a no tipping establishment, which I definitely respect.

hnnng…did I mention I’m hungry? Damn intermittent fasting.

Speaking of hungry, this year Thanksgiving will be spent in either Taipei or China and I plan to make the food as weird as possible, can’t wait.

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