Cabo During Covid

OK OK It haven’t made a post in awhile and I know, I need to. The problem is that this is primarily posting on my travels and quite honestly I haven’t done much of that this year for obvious reasons. As the title says I did manage to sneak off to Cabo in August which was great and I’ll give that its props below but besides that I’ve been doing my best to social distance and hope for a potentially better travel summer. As I type this I was planning a 1-2 month getaway in Croatia in February but they just banned Americans so that has been canned for now. I’m also basically waiting for New Zealand to open up again to visit there again but who knows when that will be. Overall it is a lot of unknowns but my passion is still there and when I am able, I’ll get back to traveling.

Anyway, back to topic. So myself and some friends booked a week at a resort in Cabo called Los Marquis. First, yes it is as pretty as the website advertises. It was quite fabulous as one would expect from these all-inclusive resorts. Plus, with the circumstances, the prices are quite reasonable. I booked a room for 6 days for 1200 USD. Now, the caveat with all inclusive places for me is that they tend to force you to stay there and you don’t usually want to pay extra to go out and get food when the food/drinks onsite are free. This also tends to make a lot of the food in these places to be pretty mediocre and non memorable. I’ve never been to an all-inclusive where the food was a favorite takeaway. This place is no exception. The Italian food was pretty “meh”, the Japanese was decent, and the rest I can’t remember too well but that is likely due to this next point. The drink service was amazing. They were on top of it for me. One of the bartenders made a special shot for me as a surprise one night called the “Lamborghini” which well…have a look.

This guy was great and always surprised me with shots
Another of my favorite bartender’s creations. The Jellyfish.

As far as trips with friends go, resorts like this are actually perfect. It’s easy to organize activities and for people to split off and meet back up. We would book excursions together, split off for lounging, drinking, etc, then meet up for food. It is easy on the stress which you know, is ideal for a vacation. As far as excursions I suggest, the ATV beach one was quite dope. Usually I don’t like those “follow the leader” type of tours where you are very limited but this one gives you access to an open beach to ATV to your hearts content.

Full moon out

We also did a boat tour through the bay in Cabo which was lovely but I had pre-gamed a bit too much to offer decent feedback. My luchador mask looked amazing though. Sorry for the video format, but ya know I cobbled this together in 30 seconds…

Well enough about the drinking. I do swear I didn’t actually drink all that much. A few other things about the resort. As the ocean is pretty volatile in Cabo and full of not so pleasant things like jellyfish nobody gets in the ocean water really, it’s all about the pool at the resort. The pool here, was amazing.

Now I mentioned excursions already but there was a ton of free activities happening daily like wine tastings, ping pong tournaments, performances etc. In fact as we were there over Halloween they had a fire performance that was pretty intense. Sadly I don’t have a great video of it but lets say I am very surprised by the lack of burns on these performers.

Alright well I feel my laziness kicking in again. Hopefully I get back to some old articles soon and can maybe book something concrete and get this site rolling again.

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