Canyonlands and Arches with my Father

Something that I have done in the last few months was a short roadtrip with my father to visit my recently discovered sister(whole different story) and to check out one of Utah’s most iconic National Parks.

Now most of the last 6 months has been me trying to find viable travel options in a more local setting and this was a good chance to finally get to Arches because I kept hearing about how awesome it is. Unfortunately, due to the fires going one at this time many of the photos do have a pretty distinct haze in them that I have neither the will nor desire to get rid of.

Anyway, I don’t have a ton more to add on Arches at the moment that isn’t well known, it’s beautiful, scenic, and hot. So, here’s a few photos!

And my personal favorite below because it looks like a rock formation shaped like a middle finger flipping off a rock formation dong.

Now on this trip we also drove through Canyonlands which I have definitely not heard nearly as much on as Arches but it is as beautiful in my opinion and can be done in the same amount of time. It offers more of a dwarf effect on its scale and it is pretty good at making you feel insignificant. Fair warning on these photos though, the fire haze was much worse on this day.

Well that’s about the summary. Let’s recap, beautiful scenery, easygoing drive, fire haze is a bummer. Pip pip.

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