Time to Get Back on the Saddle!

Oof it has been a long 16 months to 12 years….or well however long it has been. It sure feels like it has been basically a decade. Though this isn’t a post about how long the last year has been, it is a post about looking forward. Countries are reopening, vaccines are becoming widely available, there’s a feeling of tepid optimism within the travel community. With recent news of travel costs spiking it would seem as well that the rest of the world is also starting to feel the same way.

So, what does this mean for Strawberry Seahorses? Well, it is almost all good news. First, we will be going to Greece in a couple weeks with some friends which seems like a solid breakout trip. That was supposed to be Jamaica a bit back but we won’t talk about that…

ooooh how the stock photos tease me

Anyway, I can’t wait to start making regular updates on this page again. Second, I do have a few posts about my own local area that I would like to make and I suppose now that I have more to look forward to I feel more motivated to finally work on them.

As far as future trips go, there’s a few more in the mix. I want to go visit more friends in Europe and while a full reopening is close, it isn’t there yet. Hopefully in the next couple months though.

I’ve also signed up for potentially doing the inaugural run of the Monkey Run Scotland. Though there’s only 30 spots and over 600 applied so those odds aren’t great but I can cling to hope.

Also heading to one of my favorite cities, Atlanta, in mid-late July for the long awaited Jordancon of which I have posted about before.

I’d also like to make another trip to Africa this year but sorting through the giant amount of safari options/locations etc is pretty daunting. I’m open to any suggestions from those that have been. This trip is a bit more of an amorphous concept that I would like to tackle this year but have no set timeline.

And the final trip currently on the radar(but definitely still thinking of others) would be going back to New Zealand. This year was supposed to be the year I go back there and get married but obviously the world had othe plans and we had no problem postponing that. And now we are constantly checking the status in New Zealand hoping for a glimmer of hope that there is a possibility we can get in there this year. That hope is still there, but their vaccine rollout hasn’t been as urgent(justifiably) so this trip is likely the least likely despite having our highest interest.

Well anyway, this was just meant as a quick update of what’s coming up and potentially the start to some more posts! Also it is in no way final, more or completely different opportunities may pop up and throw everything already planned into chaos, which I tend to support.

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