4 Important Tips for Safer Post-COVID-19 Travel

In something that hasn’t happened in awhile we have guest author! This article is brought to you By Jesse Clark from Soulful-Travel.com

For more than a year, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many Americans to cancel or postpone their travel plans. Now, with increasing numbers of people becoming fully vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released safety guidelines for domestic travel that are more relaxed than the previous rules.

Many guidelines still stress the importance of maintaining proper distancing and taking other protective measures. Even so, the announcement that vaccinated people can resume domestic travel is big news, and many people are jumping at the chance to travel again. If you’re ready to venture out into the post-pandemic world, these four tips can help you stay safe while doing so.

Think Outside the Box

Avoiding crowds is still the best way to stay safe from COVID-19, and travelers are urged to continue to maintain safe distancing standards. Instead of heading out to a crowded destination, this is the perfect time to venture off the beaten path and try more unique travel plans. Not only will you be safer from COVID-19, but you’ll also likely find that unexpected and one-of-a-kind adventures can make some of the best travel memories.

Ramp Up Your Tech Gear

Before heading out on your next excursion, add germ-busting gear to your travel tech arsenal. If you’re lugging an outdated smartphone around, now is the time to upgrade. As well as being a great way to navigate and take pictures, in the “new normal” of the pandemic, smartphones have become a replacement for face-to-face contact in many situations. You are likely to use them for checking in, confirming reservations, and even ordering food. Choose a model with extended battery life, and don’t skimp on the protective case. A smartphone sanitizer is a good bet for keeping germs at bay. Last but not least, a good headset with a built-in mic is good for people who spend a lot of their downtime talking to friends and/or family.

Choose Well-Distanced Accommodations

Hotels and resorts are going to great lengths to try to keep guests safe and healthy as travel resumes. However, even when they take every precaution, it’s nearly impossible for these kinds of properties to control the spread of germs, mostly due to a large number of shared spaces. In a typical hotel, you can expect to share the lobby, elevators, workout room, pool or outdoor area, bar, and breakfast area with all your fellow guests. Resorts often have shared dining and entertainment spaces as well. For now, skip the hotels and resorts and try more private lodging options, such as camping or private vacation rentals.

Assess Your Risk

It’s important to keep in mind that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention safety guidelines are different for people who are fully vaccinated than for unvaccinated people. There are also separate safety precautions for immune-compromised individuals and other people who are at higher risk for severe illness. If possible, get fully vaccinated — both shots, if applicable — before you head out on your travels, and keep your vaccination card with you at all times. Also, verify whether your travel companions have been vaccinated or have special health risks. Always be mindful of what’s safest for everyone you’re traveling with and avoid making plans that could put part of your group at risk.

If you started packing your bags the second the CDC released its revised guidelines, you aren’t alone. Americans are more than ready to start traveling again. Follow these tips and adhere to other safety measures to stay safe and enjoy many more travels in the future.

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