It Feels Good to be Jetlagged Again

So this will be a quick update just because I’m excited. I just got back from Greece yesterday and have been struggling to stay awake. One might say writing this post is just another distraction in order for me to fight off falling asleep too early. Anyway, I just got back from Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, with a quick stop in Meteora and I have a ton I want to talk about here as soon as I can stop falling asleep while I’m near a hot stove.
I just want to say how great it is to travel again. Normally I hate jetlag, everybody does. However after a year of near to no travel it just feels good to have things that I align with my ideal type of life again. It’s a sign of normalcy and stability to me. Plus it is just a reminder that one of the things I love is still accessible. Don’t get me wrong though, traveling during Covid even with a vaccine is still hugely more difficult and adds a full extra layer of anxiety I didn’t know I could experience. The constantly changing rules and risk of another outbreak that could strand you do create a cloud over any trip but now, in hindsight, after I’m back and experiencing the potential pitfalls firsthand I can take a breath in relief and reflect on the experience.
I hope that this post can reflect the optimism I am feeling and the hope that I’ll be able to do some more traveling! Here’s a few pics from Mykonos, Greece!
Remote beach on Mykonos
I swear I have photos from places other than Mykonos…

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