Quick Review – Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry arts aka the Puppet Museum in Atlanta came recommended to me by friends from Jordancon which I attend most years. So this year since I had an extra day before the convention started I decided to check it out one morning.

First, a couple ground rules I learned. Go in the morning to avoid crowds of kids, unless you have kids then still go in the morning because it will be easier to keep track of them when it is less full and the school groups show up. This will let you see the show and then leave when it is over just as the place is full around noon. That is my suggestion. The museum is not very big so you can work through it in 1 to 2 hours tops.

Next, I went while the temporary Dark Crystal exhibit was there and it was hands down my favorite part but I can’t attest to any new exhibits put in and a decent chunk of this review will involve that so be sure to go while it is still there!

OK, now onto the meatiness before this stops being a “Quick” review. So to start, I quite loved this museum, it was cute, entertaining, and I actually learned a good amount. There are 4 sections to the museum. The first section goes over Jim Henson and his history and buildup to The Muppets, Sesame Street, and the movies he worked on. The next section is a history of puppets around the world, some of which will be embedded in my nightmares. The 3rd section is the temporary exhibit which was all about The Dark Crystal when I went. The last section is the theater where they do puppet performances.

First, on the Jim Henson exhibit, this guy was a treasure. I never really new the history going back but this exhibit was built with heart and I respect that. I don’t want to go into much history so I’ll share some photos. Also Disney sucks for potentially contributing to his death. Had to drop that in, sorry.

The next section, puppets of the world, really was fascinating. Not to mention some of the puppets will leave an image in your brain. I’ll let those photos speak for themselves a bit.

The last section, and my personal favorite, was the Dark Crystal exhibit. I have loved the original movie for a long time and the Netflix show was a good return to that nostalgia. Seeing the passion that went into making that project was quite heartwarming as well, which is a good adjective for this whole museum.

As I mentioned earlier it is not a large museum so I don’t want to spoil much and I’m keeping the photos limited to encourage everyone to go and see it for themselves. I hope it brings everyone some level of warm feelings like it did to me!

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