Quick Review – Hot Sulphur Springs Resort, Colorado

So when you are in Colorado and you want Hot Springs 90 percent of the time you end up in or around Idaho Springs as it is the closest drive from Denver and has the most actual springs. Of course there are varying levels of good and bad there ranging from the “giant crowded pool” to “calm isolated cave” but that isn’t what I wanted to discuss.

I wanted to talk about Hot Sulphur Springs Resort in the appropriately named town of Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. It is about an hour longer drive past Idaho Springs but absolutely worth it, especially since it is a gorgeous drive over Berthoud Pass.

For $20 bucks you get access to a ton of smaller pools of varying temperatures, a magnesium pool, and a full day. Currently due to Covid it is only possible in most springs to reserve it for 1 to 2 hours and most of the time they are booked all the way through. However since Hot Sulphur Hot Springs Resort is flying a bit under the tourism radar for now they don’t take reservations and are never overly crowded. We spent all day there and had no trouble finding a pool for just our group at any point.

The town of Hot Sulphur Springs itself was hit pretty hard by the pandemic and many restaurants are closed until later in the day so be sure to bring some kind of sustenance while you are there, or just plan to stay later until the bars and such open. Rooms at the resort are also incredibly affordable and at the time of writing this were only about $40 a night. That is so much cheaper than anything in Idaho Springs it’s nuts. Plus the area is great for hiking and offroading and you are very near Grandby and Grand Lake for other activities.

A chipmunk lounging in the shade

After soaking for most of the morning then grabbing lunch in Grandby we went back for round 2. As I mentioned before the later afternoon was more crowded, but still plenty of space to lounge.

Overall I definitely recommend Hot Sulphur Springs Resort for either a day or possibly a weekend especially while it is still a bit less unknown!

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