Quick Review – Froggyland in Split, Croatia

OK so I’m not really sure how much there is to say on this I mean it’s a bunch of stuffed frogs put into ridiculous human dioramas.  It’s weird and entertaining.  It takes maybe a half an hour to look at all the exhibits and you get some background on the artists as well.  His name was Ference Mere and you can find some more about him here on their site.


It is definitely one of the stranger museums I have visited and I actually rank it more novel than the penis museum in Iceland which I mentioned briefly here.  I’m not really sure how a person ends up with this hobby much less having the dedication to stuff over 500 frogs but I am nevertheless impressed with the effort.

The small exhibits are oddly mesmerizing and I found myself analyzing the setups like some of my favorite pieces of art.  It was one of the more memorable things I did in Split and I recommend it to anyone.

It’s like as a kid when I analysed the comedic situations in a Where’s Waldo book.

It was a cheap, impromptu visit and it was totally worth it.  I’d suggest not even telling people what to expect and just see the surprise on their face.  Lastly, there was one exhibit of a frog cooking smaller frogs to eat in a pot, that was a little bit disturbing…


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