Quick Review – Baku Museum of Miniature Books, Azerbaijan

This should be pretty simple…

The Baku Museum of Miniature Books…

It’s a museum of miniature books ranging from Shakespeare to popular magazines.  All in varying degrees of size ranging from tiny to pretty small.


Ok, I’ll provide some context.  During the Mongol Rally we were stranded in Baku waiting on a ferry for far too long and we had to find activities to kill some time.

Dress up can only get you so far…

In the heart of the Old Town in Baku we saw a sign for a miniature book museum and I got far more excited than I should have as strange museums are kind of my thing.  The owner/proprietor is incredibly friendly and spoke very good English.  She will give you and overview and answer any questions on the collections you have such as where the books came from, the context of their tiny publishing, and how does someone even read these.

lot’s of knowledge, itty bitty space requirements

Personally I loved the Lovecraft section because of my strange lust for cosmic horror, but there is something for everyone.  I do not know if they update their collection regularly for you crazy Twilight fans.  The museum itself will only take maybe 30-45 minutes to thoroughly get through and you will be on your way satisfied faster than you can pick up your monocle.

That just about sums it up…


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