Music Festival on the Beach – Taiwan

I have an idea of what my preferred afterlife would be: a beautiful beach with good surf spots, a variety of beer being served, a stage with live music, and water slides. I recently found my version of the afterlife here on Earth. Oh yes, you heard me right. Recently I went to the Ho Hai Yan Music festival on Fu Long beach and holy crap was it amazing.


We started from Taipei Main Station and hopped a train headed East. No seats remained, so we stood for most of the trip. I’ve been on more densely packed trains before, but an hour trying to suck in your beer belly while people try to cram by you with suitcases is pretty horrid. That being said, after an hour, most people hopped off the train and we snatched up some nice seats. We also managed to buy some train lunch boxes. While the general brown color of the food is off-putting, they are really tasty.



Arriving at the station was exciting. You could get sprayed down with sunscreen by some Banana Boat guys/girls… you know… if that’s your thing. No judgement. More importantly though, there are cocktail and beer carts lining the street. We ran into one dude selling two pints for $1.50. It was insane.

The walk to the festival was pretty long and once we got to the beach it was murderously hot. We had to do a hilarious waddle since the sand was so hot. However, once we made it to the festival, they had plenty of beer vendors with umbrellas to hide under. We arrived super early to avoid the crowds, so we managed to basically have the place to ourselves.


Here again, the beverages were pretty cheap for a festival. Three beers for three dollars is a good value, in my book. Also, all the vendors were super awesome. Some Corona girls branded us with Corona stickers. Taiwan beer gave us ice soaked towels to keep us cool. Oh yea, and there was live music on a stage. We were there for that, but we got distracted for a while. Oh, and they had a water slide! But, drunk me forgot to get a picture of it.


As the afternoon wore on, we decided to head out. It was hot and we burned through our daily allotment of fun. We decided to snag some pizza on the way back. I already liked Fu Long beach to begin with, but this made it so much better. I’ll be back to this festival next year.


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