Too Fast to Handle – Sledding in Grindelwald

Ever have dreams of careening down a mountain and mind numbing speeds?  Well I have a solution that won’t do the mind numbing part but is still a ton of fun.  You can go sledding, or sledging as it is called in Grindelwald, Switzerland down an 8 km path that also has rest stops along the way for food or even beer(Drunk sledding will be a different, more confusing post).  It’s one of the greatest day trip activities I can imagine.  You can find a lot of the info here.  Now it isn’t cheap at just under 50 CHF but I can tell you it’s worth it.


The process is pretty self explanatory, you rent the sled, take a bus to the top, ride down, then get on the bus a gain.  There’s multiple paths of varying difficulty to choose from depending on your confidence in handling your sled, which can be tricky.


You can view one of my racing videos here.  Forgive me but it was taken before I knew the beauty that is GoPro and was just me holding my old, crappy camera.  This was a highlight of my time in Switzerland and I recommend it to everyone unless they hate fun, then I still recommend it because they haven’t found the right kind of fun yet and this could be it!


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