How is My China Trip Going? Well….

So I’m currently jumping around Shanghai…well I’m supposed to, but I was delayed in Beijing last night for mechanical problems…

Here is my vacation so far, I’m sure every traveler has many stories like it. This one will be random and disjointed as I’m exhausted and apparently allergic to China.  It is serving as a therapeutic vent right now.

It wasn’t all bad though we found that out in Vegas we had a 3 hour delay and I got to hit the roulette table a bit longer and paid for breakfast(always bet on black).


When we landed in Beijing they told us to not even bother trying to make the connection and through a series of difficult-to-navigate airport areas we found where to wait for them to take us to their free hotel.  At this point I am a walking, smelly zombie.


For anyone unfamiliar with China, it is very hard for anyone not language fluent to figure out any task as things aren’t labeled great and instructions are always unclear.  So depending on what kind of experience you want in China this is a very good or very bad thing.

my fellow delayed persons showing solidarity

Anyway they put me up in a halfway decent hotel but because China is so cold this time of year, which I didn’t prepare well for because I woke up a bit too hungover and wasn’t able to finish packing, and the room was freezing and my replacement flight was in under 5 hours so I’m not sure if jetlag or exhaustion will be the biggest factors in my current adventure.  Here is the only photo I took from the hotel lobby…


That said it’s still the nicest I have ever been treated by a delayed flight company.  The airline was Hainan.

So…overall…a bumpy start, but I think we are off now…China is always like this…


This photo is from the hotel lobby. It is my mental state now.

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