Upcoming Trips and Musings – The Best Way to Recover From Jetlag is to Book Another Vacation

So this case of jetlag after coming back from China has been rough so that’s as good a reason as any to do a post.  The next few weeks will be posts about the major stuff in China we did including giant Buddhas, medical forgery, and midnight drunken strolls.  However first, a few extra pics from China that are just mildly entertaining with some bonus experiences.

There’s currently an infinity room right next to Jing’an Temple in Shanghai, not as cool as the one at the Steampunk Museum in New Zealand, but still cool.
You can get Dairy Queen delivered in Shanghai, and it comes in a big bowl of dry ice
In the park next to Jing’an Temple in Shanghai there’s a really cozy tea house that is free with a park entry of 3 RMB.  Good English and interesting conversation.
In a lot of countries with a stray problem just grab some cat food and go to the park to feed them.  It’s like their version of bird feeding.  We saw a fair amount of locals doing it and it’s a solid lazy activity.

Now onto the next thing.  I’ve been working on is a trip to Kathmandu in early March for the Holi Festival. It has been on my bucket list for a long time and this is as good of a year as any.  I will say the flights are ridiculous though.  Minimum of 36 hours of travel time but the average is closer to 40 and up.  It also doesn’t matter if I leave on 22nd, 23rd, or 24th because I still will arrive at the same time on the 26th.  Just imagine those layover times.  I settled on one for 13 hours in Doha if anyone has some layover suggestions.

I’m also open to good jetlag remedies as the staying up late is only going…ok…

For the other upcoming trips we have Alaska in early July, San Diego Comicon in late July, the Himalaya Rickshaw Run in September (this one will be nuts as Eric will also be there), Dominican Republic in early October with a possibility of the Morocco Monkey Run right after if I get my act together in the next couple days to book it…which is questionable.

I also have the possibility of Paris in April or May or a new rally called Peruvian Banger Rally depending on funds.

There was also supposed to be a trip to Cameroon in April but recent incidents of possible civil war are making my host uncomfortable so that trip will likely be pushed off…

And these are just my trips, Eric has constant Hong Kong trips and I believe trips to Japan and The Philippines planned out.  I should also get out to visit him in Taiwan sometime.

I’m going to go stare at the ceiling for awhile now and try not to think and wake up at 5am again.  Good talk.

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