Leshan Giant Buddha in Photos. I Forgot to Bring a Banana for Scale…

While in Chengdu early this year we took a day trip south to Leshan to see the Giant Buddha.  It’s one of the largest in the world and I believe the largest sitting Buddha statue at just over 70 meters tall.  It cost 100 RMB to enter the park where you also have access to the temple and various walkways that have smaller statues, caves, and views.  Essentially it is an entire park worth of sites.  It is well worth the price.  Now come with me on this smoggy photo journey.

Pathway along the base of the Buddha
Park Entrance
Entryway along the path
Smoggy views along the walkway up

The temple at the top of the mountain next to the Buddha is also very beautiful and be sure to check it out thoroughly and the old pagoda out back from it.

Sculptures from inside the temple
Pagoda walkway
Some of us were more excited about the stairs than others…
Temple entryway
Incense sticks outside the temple

There’s also a ton of old statues and art hidden along the walkways so be sure to take your time when meandering around.

More smoggy views through trees

Even without the giant Buddha this park is very interesting.  However, the Buddha himself definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Person by the foot for scale…




It’s in remarkably good condition and is a testament to what man is capable of given motivation.

We took the South Exit walk out for more great views walking right along the mountainside.


With that path you also walk through and old Chinese fishing village, which was my second favorite part behind the Buddha himself.

For the adventurous, eat at one of the restaurants.

Just through the village you get a great view of an old bridge and some pushy salespeople.

With farmers and fishers working in the field nearby

I also suggest heading into Leshan for food if you didn’t eat in the fishing village, all the taxi drivers have good suggestions.  This was a great day trip and these photos don’t even scratch the surface or cover nearly everything in this park.

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