Hobbiton, New Zealand

TBT to my future home…or more likely the location I will be thrown out of for squatting while drunk and yelling dwarf drinking songs

Team Strawberry Seahorses

I’ve traveled to many places, seen many sights, and taken a lot of photos.  That being said, I have never taken so many photos of one place as I have of Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand.


A couple things worth noting, they do a special dinner at night where you eat in their replica Hobbit pub, The Green Dragon, and then take a nighttime, extended tour of The Shire.  I recommend doing this if you are at all a fan of the series but book it well in advance, it sells out.

12039563_782203122111_7967893889834505745_n.jpg The Green Dragon

Additionally, they sell local brews that I also suggest and be sure not to make the same mistake I did where I did not have adequate bag space for all the booze, fair warning.


The atmosphere of this place is just so upbeat.  I mean who doesn’t like walking into a whimsical world of adventure?  If…

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