Hotel Review – Random Mountain Tea House in Pang, India

I see a lot of reviews of great places to stay on a many of the travel blogs and they have served me well.  I felt it is a good time to repay the favor and write a review of the place I stayed in the bustling location of Pang, India at a rough elevation of 16,000 feet.

This is basically it…

Now we were in a caravan with 3 other teams, one of which was a couple of Australians that had tweaked their engine a bit and got to the town ahead of us to scout out the potential sleep locations.  Traditionally, these towns have a lot of tea shops that offer beds for overnight travelers like ourselves and our caravan buddies decided on this place basically because it was the warmest.  It was run by a family of 3 and the daughter spoke decent English too.

The Aussies and my teammate with the daughter.

I know they said it was the warmth that sold them on the place but deep down I know it was the decor that brought them in…


The hello kitty sheets were pretty inviting.
I won’t show a picture of the bathroom…that isn’t necessary…


So we parked our rickshaws and settled in for the night.  They had a lovely common area that was kept warm by their cooking.  Their MoMo’s were quite delicious.

Several members of the Dutch team in our caravan.

After a long day of driving rickshaws through dirt and mud this was really all we could have asked for.  It was cozy, the teams bonded, and it was everything we signed up for.  Plus they sold us some gas!  Granted, the gas was a bit watered down and that is a mark against them…especially since some of us got stuck on the mountain pass the next morning…


However, for a room at 16,000 feet it was definitely tip top!  Next time you find yourself in Pang, India, go here!  I don’t actually know the name of the place which in hindsight is a problem but since there’s all of about 6 building in that city it should be easy to deduce from the photos…

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