Johnnie’s Wax Museum in Shimla, India…So So Close But Not Quite…

On a chance walking around Shimla we stumbled upon Johnnie’s Wax Museum which seemed like such a strange attraction for where we were with such a cheap price of 200 Rupees each we really had no choice but to try it out.


Now, this is a quick attraction we were in and out in about 20 minutes tops so it really is a great on the fly sort of stop.  There were two sculptures I feel they absolutely nailed.  Steve Jobs and Gandhi.



I get that they had to do Gandhi well but the Steve Jobs part is a bit odd.  Anyway, now that that is said the rest of the sculptures came really close with one glaring feature off or were really just waaaayy off.

This Paul Walker one is close but just barely triggers my uncanny valley nerve.
This is Anorexic Dwayne Johnson I guess, way leaner than the real thing.  Also way shorter.

Come to think of it this places love of the Fast and Furious movies will cause it to have a special place in my heart forever.

Good Harry Potter, bad Daniel Radcliffe, not sure what the intent was though.
Love Daniel Craig but they really gave up on the hair on this one…
I mean really…
And finally…I mean cmon…

That’s about it!  I took more time writing this than it takes to walk through the exhibit…


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