Tashi Gatsel Shrine – A Break at 16,000ish Feet

So I’m currently working on(well someone else is working on) a video of the Himalayan Rickshaw Run as that is likely way more interesting than these little micro stories on it.  However I did want to share some photos from a shrine we stopped at because our engine was failing due to altitude and it seemed lovely.  The best I could make out is it was called Tashi Gatsel and it was at the peak of one of the Himalayan mountains we were driving over.


Every truck, and there were not many, stopped in for a quick prayer before continuing forward.

You can see a couple trucks parked.

This place really lent itself to some beautiful pictures and a calm atmosphere.




We saw a lot of smaller shrines and such on this journey but this one definitely stuck with me a bit more.  Possibly because we had to stop here for 45 minutes or our rickshaw would explode.


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