Grand Tetons and Camping Attempt Two

In my most recent attemp to placate my wanderlust while also living within the guidlines of our current world I decided to take a roadtrip to the Grand Tetons National Park.  Of course, this again meant camping again which is a skillset I seem to be forced to improve.


As a slight side tangent, it would seem that in the continental USA the only real travel options at the moment are national parks and this had led them to be quite packed and, unless you don’t mind the anxiety of a potential search for a place to sleep, you need to plan ahead.  For us, we tended to find a campsite a little outside of the main park (20 or 30 min drive) no problem but that could be considered inconvenient for some.

Anyway, the Tetons are a lovely picturesque location teeming with wildlife.  We saw several moose, bald eagles, pelicans, plenty of deer, and a brief experience with a bear.  All before noon on the first day.  It would seem most wildlife is primarily active in the mornings and coincidentally before the park gets packed with the giant influx of tourists as of late.  Realistically, for maximum enjoyment, go early, take a break from 11 to 3ish, then go back.



Also at some point there was a moose running beside our car, we pulled over and were clearly in it’s territory.  They are huge and terrifying and to prove it here is that entire encounter on video.

Let this be a lesson, don’t mess with moose.  Also, remember your bear mace, we were on several hiking trails very unprepared for a bear encounter, and there’s something like 80 of them in the park.


The only real downside on this camping excursion was more troubles with the air mattress, which we fixed with gorilla tape, and the mosquitoes.  Seriously, after a certain point in the evening they get near unbearable.  But I guess that is the next hurdle to overcome on the inevitable future trips.

The views are pretty worth it though
Apparently there’s some picturesque mountains out here.


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