Mongol Rally X…a Potential Cure to my Insanity

It’s no secret that I’m not terribly fond of the current state of things, mostly because, despite locking down pretty hard personally, my passport is more or less useless right now.  This has led me to avenues of travel I’m not always used to. Like…camping…which is still a mixed bag for me.  As those trips thus far have been more like temporary lifeboats in a storm I am constantly on the lookout for new options and one has quite recently appeared.

The company The Adventurists in which I have undertaken a number of trips including the Mongol Rally, Rickshaw Run, Monkey Run, and Rickshaw Run Himalayas has launched a Covid friendly adventure.  Due to current global situations many of their usual excusions have been delayed and they are attempting something new called the Mongol Rally X.

Now from that linked site you can see the rule but the rough gist is this.  You buy a crap car, and drive it where it is definitely not suitable.  Seems simple and I’m definitely stupid for not thinking of it myself, but kudos on them I’m just glad it came around.

So, as of writing this we have found our vehicle.


A 1994 Ford Aspire.  Complete with suspension problems, no speedometer, a strange rattle noise, it definitely smells, and there seems to be a breathalyzer to start attached which we definitely will need to figure out a solution for.  The monetary total for this sex beast? 300 USD.

Next up, if we are lucky we will take it on a test drive this weekend on a slightly easier trail in southern Colorado.  If that goes “smoothly” then around the 19th or 20th we will be hitting the Ridgeline Trail for 200ish miles of inappropriate offroading.  This trail is meant for lifted jeeps and we are definitely not bringing the heat in that regard.  Here’s some photos from the trail.

Yes…that trail looks perfectly reasonable.

Anyway, keep up with the frequent updates on that on Instagram @strawberryseahorses and if it goes terribly well…I’d rather have tried than not.  Plus, what could go wrong anyway, I won’t forget bear mace this time?

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