Initial Thoughts – Bogota, Colombia


So I just returned after a little over a week in Bogota, Colombia where I used my rudimentary high school level Spanish to get by, make friends, and embrace that sweet exchange rate.

I’m going to do some more in depth posts on each of the things I did that are worthy of mentioning but I just wanted to start by saying Colombia is freaking great! Bogota is vibrant and colorful, the people incredibly nice, and the food is lovely. I have to start with that sentence because Colombia, at least here in the USA, has a bit of a PR problem. I’ve traveled a lot and to a lot of weird places but even then when mentioning travel to Colombia it got a bit more of a fearful reaction from friends and family. So it needed to be said that at no point at all was I even remotely worried about my safety even when walking home to my hotel at night.

Now onto the good stuff! In the coming weeks I’ll be talking about The Salt Cathedral, Waterfall Hikes, multiple restaurants I loved for different reasons, and of course the customary game of Tejo which is cornhole but with explosives. Here’s a few pics to whet the appetite!

Salt Cathedral
Waterfall Hikes
Alright yea this one I can’t explain well…

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