Tejo – The Colombian Game of Drinking and Gunpowder

So when I first said I was going to Colombia I had a friend tell me I needed to do Tejo. I had no idea what that was and they didn’t elaborate farther. So I of course googled it and the closest thing I could compare it to is cornhole but with gunpowder.

I had to play.

So I set about figuring out how to play some Tejo. Not really knowing any of the rules and being too lazy to look it up I of course decided to book a Tejo tour with an instructor. I ended up booking this one and I can’t recommend it enough.

The guide and my sick pants

So with that set I began to learn the rules. Tejo is a game where there is a ring of small packets full of explosive material along a metal ring with you have a stone that you throw at them. When he stone hits a packet it sparks on the metal ring and causes it to BANG! It’s very satisfying. You get 3 points for each packet exploded and 3 points if you get your rock in the center of the circle. Simple enough, first to 21 wins. Additionally, my guide told me that it is a game where you must be drinking otherwise it is frowned upon. So that’s another bonus right there. At this point I am very confused as to why this sport has not made it huge in the USA yet, it seems perfect.

The necessities

We played at two different locations. The first was more of a modern, open air bar with food trucks called BBC(haha) for Bogota Brewing Company. There are a lot of locations for BBC(haha) in Colombia and not all have Tejo which is why I suggest going through the above tour.

I dare you not to laugh
Nice place though…

After a little over an hour of playing there(and a bit of tequila) I was taken to a Colombian Speakeasy Brewery which in itself is a pretty interesting experience that makes you think you may be getting kidnapped and then SURPRISE IT’S BEER!

The tour itself was officially over at this point but I did manage to convince the guide to take me to a more local Tejo location that I definitely would not have been able to get into on my own. There, we played for several more hours surrounded by far better Tejo players and I made friends.

Me with myself in ten years

Overall it is a lot of fun, incredibly satisfying when you hit the target, and I plan to open a Tejo business here in Colorado!

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