Chasing Waterfalls in Colombia – Against TLCs Advice

So the highlight of my most recent trip to Colombia had to be the hike to the two waterfalls, La Chorerra and El Chiflon. The tour I booked was here through Viator and it was spectacular. The guide was amazing, she was friendly and passionate and the others on the tour were great! We even went out for karaoke after the tour but that’s a whole different story.

The tour itself started by meeting at a hostel in the Candelabra district of Bogota which is one of the more popular tourist areas. We had the usual group icebreakers and headed on our way…after breakfast. We were taken to a very cool backroom restaurant where breakfast was included. Eat up it is a long day of walking. The drive itself after is only about an hour, with a short stop to learn about Colombian vegetation before you are on your way to the hike.

The gang
Did you know there is a plant that if you stand too close to for too long it makes you high? Well I learned about that too and was then shown one. It was awesome.
The entrance to the main/hardest part of the hike.

The hike itself varies from beautiful scenic landscapes to overgrown rainforest and it is great the entire time. Fair warning though the hike isn’t easy. At times it is climbing over wet rocks and mud or very uneven terrain. There is definitely a need for proper hiking equipment. All that said, I am not an avid hiker and despite this definitely being one of the harder hikes I have ever done I did complete it with an added bonus hard trail along the way. Exhausted yes, but fully finished all the same.

During the hike you stop at 2 waterfalls, the first is impressive as you can get as close as you can tolerate, the second if more intense and has a barrier but even more gorgeous. Along the way there is an option harder path to hit the Cave of the Monkeys, which I definitely suggest. Also at the trail head they sell beer, which I also endorse for a hike like this. I again must stress I am clearly not a very good hiker.

I mean there was even a rainbow c’mon…

You get a ton of good angles and see a ton of scenery as well but why tell you when I can just show photos instead! Is that not what these posts are for!?

Behind a waterfall.
View from the Cave of the Monkeys
A terrain example
Hill Cows
Waterfall from a distance

So with that I fully endorse this hike with ever fiber of my travel being. And remember, always buy beer for your tourguide.

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