Salt Cathedral in Colombia

When staying in Bogota one of the most popular daytrips includes a visit to Zipaquirá to visit the underground Salt Cathedral. Now when I first read about it and looked up pictures I figured it was a small church that someone would spend maybe 15 minutes in and call it good. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It is a legitimate mine that has one of the largest cathedrals I’ve ever been in carved into it. In addition to the large cathedral there are 14 stations of the cross each with their own intricacies that you dwell in and appreciate for some time. There’s also hidden passages, elaborate art pieces, and even a light show and mini shopping tunnel available. As far as a day trip destination goes it blew me a way for sure. The audio tour guide was also very thorough and gave me an encompassing view.

And before you ask there isn’t beer in the cave/cathedral itself but it is available in the restaurants at the top of the entrance that you can bring down to the cafe they have in the caves. I was in Catholic school for 12 years drinking in a church is fine, probably. They do lay the sales pitch on pretty heavy in a couple of spots but it doesn’t last long and the prices are all pretty reasonable so let the people make a living, ya know. Buy a trinket or whatever.

Anyway lets get to some photos!

This is the entrance tunnel, well done on presentation.

Here are some of the stations of the cross and a view into the main gallery.

A creepy angel statue in their labyrinth…yes they have a labyrinth.

And my personal favorite spot the tunnel with awesome chandeliers.

And last but not least this blurry photo of a giant orb room that makes you feel insignificant!

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